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    Photoshop Tips & Tricks

    I’m getting a head start on my 2019 resolution to ‘master’ Photoshop. I feel like ‘master’ is perhaps an overly ambitious resolution but it sounds more goal worthy than ‘get to a point where I don’t rage quit in frustration because PS doesn’t do YY like app ZZ.’ With PS coming to iPad as well it seems a good time to put in the time to really get familiar with the software. So with that in mind I’m going to be posting frequently a condensed-ish post with tips and tricks I am picking up and sharing them here. ViewsTips 1 and 2 come courtesy of the incredibly skilled Goro Fujita.…

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    Gamut Masks

    Another Kendrys Draws gem I picked up here this time about picking better colors. He talks about using a web app called Gamut Maker (here) to help pick your colors. James Gurney explains the hows and whys in 3 blog entries (1   2    3 )