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    Take Two

     Sometimes a do over is necessary. Glad I went back on this one. Daz3d Kala 8 with slight morphing and editing in Photoshop using adjustment layers, filters, and slight paint overs.  Bumping up the render quality and time really helped get rid of some of the noise as did a change in the light setup.

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    Daz3d- 30+ days in Top 5 Tips & Tricks

    I’ve been using Daz3d daily for the past 30+ days and still very much consider myself a beginner. Here are the top things that I’ve learned and/or found extremely useful. In no real particular order of importance: Sales- There’s always another saleDaz is really good about putting out some discount sales so I’m finding if I want something that is either not on sale or is slightly discounted-just wait. I don’t know if they do some weird statistic voodoo but pretty much every time I’ve said I’ll just wait the item I wanted ended up on sale the next day or so. Wonderful but still kind of creepy- in a…

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    Photoshop YouTube Tutorials

    If you use Photoshop then you are probably already aware that it was updated to the 2020 version. Have you been taking full advantage of the new features though? If not or even if you have and still want tips that might help improve your workflow- here are 3 Youtube learning gems I want to quickly share:

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    365 Rendering

    For 2020 my personal challenge is to create a daily render and share it online at Instagram (@365rendering). I wanted to have a linked post here with detailed information about every asset and links and I quickly realized that was a disaster in the making. I don’t know if urls will change/links break and apparently I mix and match a lot of assets from different artists. So if you have questions about a particular render feel free to comment or contact me and I’ll either post it or contact you back directly. At the end of the month I plan to do a big post though with a lot of…

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    2020 Updates !

    *Blows off some cobwebs and dust*  Not gonna lie 2019 was not my year. Lots of things were going on and artistically my ideas and stories had so extremely eclipsed my skillset (despite significant amounts of time, money, and effort) that I didn’t see how I would ever be able to achieve those things I really wanted to with my art. So I went back to writing and wrote a book (go me!) and the whole time I was thinking I want to illustrate this, what would this scene look like in a comic, and so on. It was a kind of frustration I can’t even really begin to adequately…