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    Nothing like a ‘No’ to Motivate

    Been busy applying to a lot of things and getting sooo close that the final ‘no’s feel a bit more personal even when the emails aren’t. So taking time to say ‘yes’ to myself and the things that excite me to create more art of. With that in mind I’ve been pushing myself to try the things I’ve wanted to do but avoided because they either seemed too convoluted to get into or not sure my pc could handle it. The first being Blender. Where to even start with a program that does so much. So I did what I’ve tried in the past and started with the (in)famous donut…

  • Goals,  WIP

    2018 Goals (WIP)-2/25 update

    Another year closes to make way for the new. 2017 was a great year for me especially art wise. I’m already hard at work on my Adobe Creative Residency application and excited about the kind of opportunity for art growth landing something like that could bring. Anyway a little less journal and more bullet points!