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    Dell Canvas Review- 1 Year In

    I’ve had the Dell Canvas more than a full year now and I have some feelings about it. A lot of feelings.  Hands down this is the best hardware purchase I have ever made for art and the most expensive. For the mount, arm, and Dell it came out just over 2k. I wanted to get more serious about my art and even though I had a good pen enabled monitor with the solid, Ugee 2150. I wanted something with a larger screen, better display capabilities and touch. The Dell delivered in every aspect. I use my Dell almost daily for 2 or more hours- painting/drawing, gaming, web browsing, video…

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    Review: Design Doll (tips and tricks addition)

    [Design Doll Homepage] This app has been out for a while but thought I would still take a moment to post about it and mainly share some tips on using it to help those just starting out with it too. Just a quick blurb about it. It is a 3d pose reference/modeling app. You can also import props and create simple ones in app….