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    Nothing like a ‘No’ to Motivate

    Been busy applying to a lot of things and getting sooo close that the final ‘no’s feel a bit more personal even when the emails aren’t. So taking time to say ‘yes’ to myself and the things that excite me to create more art of. With that in mind I’ve been pushing myself to try the things I’ve wanted to do but avoided because they either seemed too convoluted to get into or not sure my pc could handle it. The first being Blender. Where to even start with a program that does so much. So I did what I’ve tried in the past and started with the (in)famous donut…

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    Half-way through Nanowrimo and knocking out writing goals left and right (cookie rewards incoming!). I’ve been working on a YA urban fantasy novel about a girl named Ebony-Blue. She’s 16 (nearly 17) and the story opens with her at the funeral of her mother, Ruth. She is on a small island in Savannah, Georgia in the care of her grandfather that’s more stranger than family. She’s counting down the days until she can legally make her own choices for her life but she’s about to find out about the supernatural world that exists along side the human one and that she’s more a part of that world than the human…

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    2020 Updates !

    *Blows off some cobwebs and dust*  Not gonna lie 2019 was not my year. Lots of things were going on and artistically my ideas and stories had so extremely eclipsed my skillset (despite significant amounts of time, money, and effort) that I didn’t see how I would ever be able to achieve those things I really wanted to with my art. So I went back to writing and wrote a book (go me!) and the whole time I was thinking I want to illustrate this, what would this scene look like in a comic, and so on. It was a kind of frustration I can’t even really begin to adequately…

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    New Skillshare Class- Customizing a Clip Studio Paint Workspace

    Hellooooooo! Long time, no chats 🙂 Since I published my first Skillshare Class on Clip Studio Paint I’ve gotten a lot of questions and feedback. Taking that into consideration I spent a lot of time making (and remaking!) a class that would go over more in-depth all that Clip Studio Paint has to offer. I’ve just published the first class in a series that will address things like customizing your workspace, using and manipulating 3D objects in Clip Studio Paint, working with rulers for perspective work in 1point/2point/3 point, and a lot more. The first class in that series is up and it is all about the basics of your Clip Studio Paint workspace-…

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    Holiday Update!

    Originally there were some cookies planned but well- that got ‘eaten’ 😉 I do have some other cute icons to add to your bullet journal/etc. I’ve updated my Gumroad page (https://gum.co/pixelsnplay) with the Christmas-y holiday goodies. Happy holidays!

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    Bullet Journal Updates Coming Soon!

    A little while ago I made a Skillshare class on digital bullet journaling on the iPad. (https://skl.sh/2NUrzbB) For the class I created a bunch of stuff to help with keeping a journal and adding some color and personality to it with icons and assets. I’ve created some holiday items and will soon update both the class and Gumroad. If there’s interest I may even throw in some cookies and milk!