Comic Draw Review

Comic Draw from Plasq is a relatively new app out in the iOS appstore. Its aim is to be a feature rich comic app. If you just want to view comics that feature is available. However, if you are interested in creating your own comics that is where Comic Draw really becomes more fun….

You get a two week trial to see if you like it and then you can pay a one time fee of 9.99 . I think overall this is a great app- I didn’t love it but I will definitely keep it around to see how the developers continue to improve it.


  • Not as many features as other apps – even free apps like MediBang or cheaper apps like Procreate or Infinite Painter
  • Some tools are not intuitive like copy/paste, etc. Just by accident I found that by switching to my finger and tapping I could use the default keyboard menu to copy paste.
  • Brush sizes -it would have been nicer if the smallest brush settings at 1 had appeared smaller on screen
  • Not so many brushes


  • Plasq backing- this is probably the most expensive app I’ve purchased flat out but because it is made by Plasq (a company that has a lot of other high quality apps from years ago!) I know I can expect continuous development and improvement
  • Comic Community- there is a community built in so you can easily share your comics with others from the app itself
  • It has a really cool script import feature where you can write out your script and have it automatically place that text in a speech bubble
  • Easy to use and stable- I didn’t experience any crashes or real problems

Wrap-up– I would totally recommend this to someone that wants to draw comics or similar IF they had the extra cash for the app. I would first recommend someone try out MediBang first and compare it to Comic Draw during the trial. Overall I enjoyed it and will definitely check back in when updates roll out just to see what improvements have been made!


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