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Just a quick update. I know a lot of people are looking to learn online especially these days. Over on my Resources page I have a bunch of links to things that will helpfully aid you on your own artistic journey.

Arun over at Syn Studio Art School was kind enough to reach out and it was a good reminder that I want to update that page with more resources. I applied a while back but unfortunately didn’t make the cut for their diploma program but it’s nice to see they’ve expanded with more online classes as well. Direct from the source:

I wanted to bring to your attention our new affordable non-diploma online art classes. You can get more information about our online art classes here – https://synstudio.ca/online-art-classes/ and about our school here – https://synstudio.ca/ In addition to our high-quality onsite art classes, we have also recently started offering affordable online drawing, painting, concept art, illustration, and comic book making classes to students looking to get into the entertainment industry. Our teachers are some of the top concept artists, fine artists, illustrators, and comic book artists currently working in the industry. Our classes feature live video instruction, access to recorded videos, and personalized feedback. Some of the classes we offer include Foundations of Drawing, Digital Painting, Making Comics, and Expressive Painting in Watercolour, among others, and we believe that our affordable high-quality online art classes will be a very useful addition to your Resources page.


I agreed with it being good info to share. If there are some other good ones (especially free/affordable) let me know via either the comments or the contact form please. I can’t promise to put up everything but would love to expand the resource list.



Some other online learning sites to consider…

CtrlPaint (online art school FREE)

Draw A Box (excellent FREE classes on the fundamentals of drawing)

Visual Arts Passage (online art school)

Watts Atelier (online art school- Riley method)

SmART School (affliated with IMC)


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