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    2018 iPad Pro Update- *sigh*

    It’s been nearly a week since Apple had their big release conference. I used to be a huuuuuge Apple fangirl in that every update I made plans to upgrade phones and tablets (they couldn’t pry my mammoth of a beast first gen 17inch pro ‘laptop’ from my hands until the battery looked like it was going to explode).Then I got bored and needed a pc. So I made the leap and ended up loving my Galaxy note and tablet. When Apple came out with the original pros with pencils, I knew it was time to come back. 3 years on it still works and looks great but as any tech…

  • Updates

    Journal Assets and More: Behind the Scene Updates

    It’s been a hot minute since I have officially updated this journal. There has been a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes though. I recently published a Skillshare class on journaling on the iPad here (https://skl.sh/2Mwah4v) ( 7 free access codes are available if you want to check it out with no premium account strings 🙂 ) I also created several free assets to go along with the class (pins, sticky notes, header images,templates, etc.) and posted them over at Gumroad (https://gum.co/pixelsnplay).  I’ve also been working on some Blender tutorials and things that I’ll be posting in the days to come!