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    2020 Updates !

    *Blows off some cobwebs and dust*  Not gonna lie 2019 was not my year. Lots of things were going on and artistically my ideas and stories had so extremely eclipsed my skillset (despite significant amounts of time, money, and effort) that I didn’t see how I would ever be able to achieve those things I really wanted to with my art. So I went back to writing and wrote a book (go me!) and the whole time I was thinking I want to illustrate this, what would this scene look like in a comic, and so on. It was a kind of frustration I can’t even really begin to adequately…

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    Trying New Things…

    One of my major art goals for 2019 is becoming more profient in using Photoshop. I feel like I only ever tap into 5% of what it has to offer. So to correct that I’ve been taking a lot of Skillshare classes, watching Youtube videos, and pouring through artists’ tutorials. One thing I’ve been playing with is the Content Aware fill. Can’t say I’m an expert (or anywhere near it) but having fun incorporating stock photos and my art. The photo of the lovely yellow wild flowers is from Unsplash user Jeremy Bishop. 

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    Forest Lady Blue- Walk-through and Thoughts

    I initially started with a rough sketch idea. Some of the sketch is still visible. Prior to this when it is just a sketch I feel pretty excited and hopeful about the piece. In my head it is full of light and feels and most importantly finished. The next step shown above is where I start to lose all hope of that. This is usually the point where (at my current skill level) I realize my vision and current skillset don’t match and HOLY CRAP I don’t know how to paint or draw anything. Then I pull out one of 100s of brushes that are like stamps and play around.…

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    Been busy

    I’ve been a bit busy as of late creating game assets for a really cool project called Fuze for the Nintendo Switch. I’m excited about the additional assets I have planned but have to put it on a warm back burner as I work on another big project that I’m excited about!  

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    Tinie Tempah

    I recently downloaded an awesome brush pack for Clip Studio Paint by RoastedStix over at dA. I love the texture it creates. I used 3 brushes mainly- the Round Gouache (fine), Dry Bristle Round (pressure) small, and the Square Opaque. I used the Round Gouache mainly for the smoother skin parts- pressing down a bit gave a really nice smooth texture while pressing lightly gave a slightly rougher one……