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First, a big thanks for stopping by!

This is my little corner of the internet. It means a lot that you have stopped by to join me on my art journey. I hope that this will be a source of info, inspiration, motivation, and humor on your own artistic or other journey!

I’m in my 30s, female, and at the start of my artistic journey. I’ve always loved creating things and making art but never really felt naturally all that talented. (You know the story. In art class- not the worst but definitely not the teacher’s darling.) After a decade (ahh time flies) of being an educator I realized I was nurturing the dreams of everyone else but myself. After kind of startling myself with that realization I did a bit of soul searching and mostly just looking at where most of my free time and money was going. All signs and dollars led to art. So I decided to give it a trial run by leaving a job in the city to a smaller town to give myself more time to self-develop and take my art more seriously. Those two years were AMAZING as far as the things I’ve learned and possibilities to make being an artist a viable career choice. I taught myself (still learning!) Clip Studio Paint, taught my first Skillshare class, started creating my first webtoon, got more serious about digital art, found out and applied (worked my butt off preparing!) to Syn Studio (and got the nicest rejection letter I have ever received~), and  applied to CG Spectrum’s scholarship program (and got a partial scholarship!!). This was all while working full time and on my own.

I left teaching to pursue being an art student full-time on my own terms. I’m not interested in starting the 100k in student loan hole again and have been learning thru more affordable and alternative means (books, Youtube, online classes, etc). More importantly I want to share this with others.

I started this site for me as much for you. For those of you that are worried they are starting too late, for those of you that worry you can’t go to a good art school or don’t have extra limbs you can sell to afford said education, for those of you that feel like you aren’t naturally talented enough, and mostly for those of you that feel that way but make art anyway.

This site is for us. 

Need to get in touch? Feel free to drop me a line~