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    Photoshop Tips & Tricks

    I’m getting a head start on my 2019 resolution to ‘master’ Photoshop. I feel like ‘master’ is perhaps an overly ambitious resolution but it sounds more goal worthy than ‘get to a point where I don’t rage quit in frustration because PS doesn’t do YY like app ZZ.’ With PS coming to iPad as well it seems a good time to put in the time to really get familiar with the software. So with that in mind I’m going to be posting frequently a condensed-ish post with tips and tricks I am picking up and sharing them here. ViewsTips 1 and 2 come courtesy of the incredibly skilled Goro Fujita.…

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    Holiday Update!

    Originally there were some cookies planned but well- that got ‘eaten’ ๐Ÿ˜‰ I do have some other cute icons to add to your bullet journal/etc. I’ve updated my Gumroad page (https://gum.co/pixelsnplay) with the Christmas-y holiday goodies. Happy holidays!

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    Bullet Journal Updates Coming Soon!

    A little while ago I made a Skillshare class on digital bullet journaling on the iPad. (https://skl.sh/2NUrzbB) For the class I created a bunch of stuff to help with keeping a journal and adding some color and personality to it with icons and assets. I’ve created some holiday items and will soon update both the class and Gumroad. If there’s interest I may even throw in some cookies and milk!    

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    Dell Canvas Review- 1 Year In

    UPDATE Sept. 2020 I 100% do NOT recommend anyone get the Dell Canvas anymore. It is still an excellent device for all the reasons listed below but it seems like my fears came true, Dell seems to have discontinued the Dell Canvas 27 line. If you can get it for next to nothing go for it but considering if you have any hardware issues/etc you may be SOL there are better, more reliable options. Huion, XP-Pen, and more have new tablets out that only seem to be getting better so they may be good Wacom alternatives. RIP Dell Canvas 27 (I’ll love you until you stop working!!!) ——————————————————————————————————————-