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How I discovered my love for cinematography-Efflam Mercier

There was another great Blender Guru interview (Youtube ) this time with Efflam Mercier about cinematography and other things.  He touched on something that I’ve been thinking a lot about recently. That being how much films (well done films) can teach artists. I was thinking about it mainly from the point of telling a story in graphic form- movement, camera/viewpoint placement, etc. but also lighting. Efflam points out some of his favorite books and films that handle those topics and more well. I’ve only seen Hero on his list and I remember being blown away by how beautiful it was. I don’t remember much of the story but I remember some key frames just being so beautiful they would have done well as paintings.

I feel like I should be making my own list of inspirational films but at the moment Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Spirit (Disney horse film), and the French remake of Beauty and the Beast are the only three that come to mind.


Anyway the link to Efflam’s favorite list is over at Artstation (check out his gorgeous gallery too if you’ve the time!)


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