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    Nothing like a ‘No’ to Motivate

    Been busy applying to a lot of things and getting sooo close that the final ‘no’s feel a bit more personal even when the emails aren’t. So taking time to say ‘yes’ to myself and the things that excite me to create more art of. With that in mind I’ve been pushing myself to try the things I’ve wanted to do but avoided because they either seemed too convoluted to get into or not sure my pc could handle it. The first being Blender. Where to even start with a program that does so much. So I did what I’ve tried in the past and started with the (in)famous donut…

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    Half-way through Nanowrimo and knocking out writing goals left and right (cookie rewards incoming!). I’ve been working on a YA urban fantasy novel about a girl named Ebony-Blue. She’s 16 (nearly 17) and the story opens with her at the funeral of her mother, Ruth. She is on a small island in Savannah, Georgia in the care of her grandfather that’s more stranger than family. She’s counting down the days until she can legally make her own choices for her life but she’s about to find out about the supernatural world that exists along side the human one and that she’s more a part of that world than the human…

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    Busy bee me- Unreal Unity

    I’ve been extremely busy over the past few weeks- taking an online class on visual storytelling while also trying to learn how to use Unreal along with Blender. Making progress and despite how basic they are really proud of this marble setup that rotates and moves- next are walls and continuing to sculpt the sword. Currently working through two really great tutorials- the first with the marble is about Unreal Engine and Blueprint over at Udemy and the sword is a free Blender tutorial over at Youtube. Aside from those been busy working on some other projects and ideas.

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    Adobe Creative Residency Fund

    Excited to share some news that’s kept me (and my PC) fairly busy over the past few weeks. I got an email about the new Adobe Creative Residency Fund.  I immediately applied and was beyond excited to find out that Adobe wanted to provide funding for my proposed project, #Black_____. With everything going on right now in the world and especially in my community, with every day bringing new images and videos of Black trauma, I wanted to push back with images of love, peace, joy, and other elements of beauty that make up a much larger portion of the Black experience. So with Adobe’s help- that’s what I did.…

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    Online Learning

    Just a quick update. I know a lot of people are looking to learn online especially these days. Over on my Resources page I have a bunch of links to things that will helpfully aid you on your own artistic journey. Arun over at Syn Studio Art School was kind enough to reach out and it was a good reminder that I want to update that page with more resources. I applied a while back but unfortunately didn’t make the cut for their diploma program but it’s nice to see they’ve expanded with more online classes as well. Direct from the source:

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    Trying to find the Joy…

    The past few months have been hard for most people I imagine. It’s been difficult to find the headspace and desire to create especially when so much is going on. I could write thousands of words and still not fully express exactly how I feel or even feel that my words are needed in the scope of how big the problems the world is facing now. There is so much beauty, love, life, and joy in my community despite how much many of us have had to endure and will likely continue to endure. So I hope my art in some small way can remind us and others why we…