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Tinie Tempah

I recently downloaded an awesome brush pack for Clip Studio Paint by RoastedStix over at dA. I love the texture it creates. I used 3 brushes mainly- the Round Gouache (fine), Dry Bristle Round (pressure) small, and the Square Opaque. I used the Round Gouache mainly for the smoother skin parts- pressing down a bit gave a really nice smooth texture while pressing lightly gave a slightly rougher one……  I started with an initial rough sketch in Procreate then moved over to my pc and started refining there. Initially I blocked in the major color changes with a lasso tool to help keep me focused on those areas where the light changed. Initially the skin was looking too smooth and digital so I went back on another layer on top and started sampling color (going  darker and sometimes lighter to create more texture on the skin.) I kept this layer above the smoother skin the entire time as a sort of back up and base. I used the snap eraser and square opaque to create the texture for his hair. Overall I’m happy with this-I don’t think it is 100% like the original but I really like the overall painterly feel to it.


Photo study


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