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    Photoshop YouTube Tutorials

    If you use Photoshop then you are probably already aware that it was updated to the 2020 version. Have you been taking full advantage of the new features though? If not or even if you have and still want tips that might help improve your workflow- here are 3 Youtube learning gems I want to quickly share:

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    2020 Updates !

    *Blows off some cobwebs and dust*  Not gonna lie 2019 was not my year. Lots of things were going on and artistically my ideas and stories had so extremely eclipsed my skillset (despite significant amounts of time, money, and effort) that I didn’t see how I would ever be able to achieve those things I really wanted to with my art. So I went back to writing and wrote a book (go me!) and the whole time I was thinking I want to illustrate this, what would this scene look like in a comic, and so on. It was a kind of frustration I can’t even really begin to adequately…

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    New Skillshare Class- Customizing a Clip Studio Paint Workspace

    Hellooooooo! Long time, no chats 🙂 Since I published my first Skillshare Class on Clip Studio Paint I’ve gotten a lot of questions and feedback. Taking that into consideration I spent a lot of time making (and remaking!) a class that would go over more in-depth all that Clip Studio Paint has to offer. I’ve just published the first class in a series that will address things like customizing your workspace, using and manipulating 3D objects in Clip Studio Paint, working with rulers for perspective work in 1point/2point/3 point, and a lot more. The first class in that series is up and it is all about the basics of your Clip Studio Paint workspace-…

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    Photoshop Tips & Tricks

    I’m getting a head start on my 2019 resolution to ‘master’ Photoshop. I feel like ‘master’ is perhaps an overly ambitious resolution but it sounds more goal worthy than ‘get to a point where I don’t rage quit in frustration because PS doesn’t do YY like app ZZ.’ With PS coming to iPad as well it seems a good time to put in the time to really get familiar with the software. So with that in mind I’m going to be posting frequently a condensed-ish post with tips and tricks I am picking up and sharing them here. ViewsTips 1 and 2 come courtesy of the incredibly skilled Goro Fujita.…

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    Hello and thanks for stopping by~! I hope you’ll enjoy your ‘stay’ at my little piece of the internet. Feel free to send questions my way or post on the relevant pages if you have thoughts, comments or questions. Happy arting! Jei

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    Game Assets

    I’ve wanted to create video games since I was given I believe it was a Tandy and a book full of code to create games to play. I don’t remember if I got any of those games to work (or if that thing even worked correctly) but I remember the wonder I felt at trying to follow the code and create something with it.

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    Skillshare Class + 2 Free Months (promo)

    Here is the promo link to my Skillshare Class on using Clip Studio Paint to paint a bird. (http://skl.sh/2lUKMPvLINK) I tried to gear the class toward beginners and to help those new to CSP. If you join with that link you get 2 free months (and Skillshare kicks cash my way 🙂 ) That’s all I’ve got at the moment-the next update of Seoul Love Shot is going to be massive and it’s due just around the corner so….