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    Game Assets

    I’ve wanted to create video games since I was given I believe it was a Tandy and a book full of code to create games to play. I don’t remember if I got any of those games to work (or if that thing even worked correctly) but I remember the wonder I felt at trying to follow the code and create something with it.

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    Skillshare Class + 2 Free Months (promo)

    Here is the promo link to my Skillshare Class on using Clip Studio Paint to paint a bird. (http://skl.sh/2lUKMPvLINK) I tried to gear the class toward beginners and to help those new to CSP. If you join with that link you get 2 free months (and Skillshare kicks cash my way 🙂 ) That’s all I’ve got at the moment-the next update of Seoul Love Shot is going to be massive and it’s due just around the corner so….