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    Excellent Tips on Lighting Darker Skin Tones by PetaPixel

    One of the things I noticed about Insecure was how beautifully lit everything was all of the time. It was great to find this video that showed how intentional that was by Ava Berkofsky (Insecure’s Director of Photography). These days experimenting with color, skin tones, and lighting is something I’m having a lot of fun doing and even though the video linked is mainly about photography/cinematography I got a lot out of it as an artist. Another person that does an exceptional job of lighting darker skin is Eric Wilkerson.

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    How I discovered my love for cinematography-Efflam Mercier

    There was another great Blender Guru interview (Youtube ) this time with Efflam Mercier about cinematography and other things.Β  He touched on something that I’ve been thinking a lot about recently. That being how much films (well done films) can teach artists. I was thinking about it mainly from the point of telling a story in graphic form- movement, camera/viewpoint placement, etc. but also lighting. Efflam points out some of his favorite books and films that handle those topics and more well. I’ve only seen Hero on his list and I remember being blown away by how beautiful it was. I don’t remember much of the story but I remember…