Goals,  WIP

2018 Goals (WIP)-2/25 update

Another year closes to make way for the new. 2017 was a great year for me especially art wise. I’m already hard at work on my Adobe Creative Residency application and excited about the kind of opportunity for art growth landing something like that could bring. Anyway a little less journal and more bullet points!

ART Goals 2018

last updated: Feb 25

  • Apply to the Adobe Creative Residency program 2/24
  • Finish Seoul Love Shot
    • Create 5 new Skillshare classes
    • Create 30+ game backgrounds/landscape pieces (3/30)
  • Find art mentor
  • Sketch out thumbnails for next action comic
  • Inktober 2018
  • Create 30+ characters/character portraits (11/30)
  • Fill 3 sketchbooks with just sketches
  • Learn how to code in Unity/Unreal Engine
  • Create short visual novel
  • Post at least 30+ new artworks online


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