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Clip Studio Paint Top #7 Tips and Tricks

Clip Studio Paint (formerly Manga Studio) is my favorite  painting app and I’m saddened by the fact that it just doesn’t seem to get the love it should- especially by hobbyists because it is relatively inexpensive and you get to keep it. I can’t say that I am a CSP expert but spend enough time with something and you pick up some things. Here are some tips and tricks that I’ve picked up and use often…. I hope they help someone else (and should I ever forget them this is a nice holder).




Tip #1- Value Check (Black and White mode)

Sometimes color gets in the way of seeing there are more fundamental problems-like a shape that should be more 3d looks flat. Taking that away really helps to see where values should be pushed, etc. And it is easy to do- simply pick your layer you want in black in white and change the layer color under the layer property menu. If you want to do your whole image (and not just a layer) you can go to the Layer menu at the top and then ‘combine copies of displayed layer’ and then convert that layer to black and white.


Tip #2 Colorize the Layer

This is a lifesaver when I have a crapload of layers



Tip #3 Clip To The Layer Below

I don’t use this every but when I do I always wonder why I don’t use it more



Tip #4 Obtain Screen Color

I just randomly found this and thought this was a great little tool especially if you run across a color you like not in CSP or if you have a multi-monitor setup. Ex- if there is a ref. image open in another app and you want to use that color while in CSP still you can get CSP to go outside of itself to sample colors.


Tip #5 Shortcut Settings

I love using shortcuts and really like that you can customize so many in CSP. I often crop so just set that to ‘Z’ and some others I love. ‘x’ to alternate colors, ‘i’ for eyedropper, etc. And of course Ctrl+s and Ctrl+Z I press these like I’m getting paid for it.


Tip #6 Symmetry Ruler

This is a lot of fun to play around with-especially when I have no clue what I want to do. It’s nice that you can specify exactly where the ruler will be and you can play around with the different settings for number of lines, angle, etc.


Tip #7 Workspace Settings

I use this one every time I start CSP. My default workspace is one I’ve tweaked until it is 90% the way I want it. Love the fact I can save it and play around with options still.



This is what I’m faced with every time I start a new Seoul Love Shot page- the default white was just too much pressure so I changed the default page color to something less intimidating😉


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